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So wait… Still no gun control laws?
Great. Because the right to carry a gun even in an elementary school is waayyyyyy more important than the right to get fucking married and the right women (don’t) have to their own bodies…
Like, they can take away my right to decide…

Have…  You been informing your world view from ‘Welcome To Night Vale”?

I still don’t own firearms because of how hard it is to get one in Mass, and how much of a legal liability it is.

If I’m assaulted in my own town and draw a Concealed Carry weapon (Of any kind) to defend myself, I’m automatically charged with Brandishing, and possibly Assault With A Deadly Weapon in Massachusetts.  The state would rather have me be a victim, and rely on the incompetent police force to sort things out after drawing a chalk outline around my sorry ass.

I don’t understand the first sentence. “Still no gun control laws?” Between state and federal restrictions there are literally thousands of gun control laws.

When people make ignorant statements like that I can only assume they mean “So wait…STILL all guns aren’t banned?”